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Here you are at outdoors Gps navigation Tracker web site. Outdoors GPS Tracker is really a little unit plugging in a Bucks20 prepaid mobile phone to make a Gps device tracker. The Unit replies to text instructions, finds action, and supplies you with its precise place, all set for Search engines Roadmaps or your maps application. The Monitor firmware is open-source and person-easy to customize.

Project status: Current create is .19B built 01Per09Per2009
Create 19 has a devoted auto safety function with alarm system advices, rural beginner disarm, distant unlock, and remote hornAndlights. Develop 19 also may include detailed text warning in rural IPerO setting, and computerized turn onAndrecast with the GC864 unit. Check out Construct 19 feature information.

Right now we have third-age group steady firmware plus a guide components design. This mixture may be thoroughly analyzed in shifting automobiles and found to be trustworthy. There are no dangles given that build .15, and no lost communications considering that build .17 was released. Products and circuit planks can be found from others.

Every aspect can be found from Mouser Consumer electronics, along with the mobile phone is accessible from Goal, Your local supermarket, or Radio Shack. This great site offers the firmware with supply code, idea of functioning, parts record, and actual assemblage and see instructions. If you possibly could solder, this is the one-resting task. No Computer panel or surface area-support potential is required.

If you wish to create a monitor , nor have an AVR programmer, I will plan a chips for you. Please contact me in electronic mail. We want to have packages, Printed circuit boards, andOror built products available for purchase quickly. The firmware will stay free of charge and open source.

The present supported computer hardware platform is:

  • Vincotech A1035D GPS module or AarLogic GPS 3A module
  • Talkabout C168i AT&Capital t GoPhone prepaid cell phone, or Wavecom WMOD2 module, or Telit GC864 element
  • Atmel ATTINY84-20PU or ATMEGA88 AVR microcontroller
  • We intend to help far more mobile phones and GPS units down the road.
    The Tracker’s capabilities are competitive with, or much better than, a lot of business products: parent control app

  • SiRFstar 3 receiver gets to be a resolve on the inside most buildings.
  • Directs permission, longitude, height, speed, study course, date, and time.
  • Delivers for any SMS-capable cellular phone, or any email address contact information.
  • Battery life approximately two weeks, restricted by mobile phone. Longer life achievable with exterior power packs.
  • GoPhone charges Dollar10 a month for 1000 emails monthly.
  • Configurable above-the-air by means of word commands.
  • Pass word security and different identifier.
  • Handbook track down and automatic tracking settings manipulated by means of text.
  • Automatic tracking setting directs spot if the unit starts off moving,
    in the event it stops shifting, possibly at prrr-rrrglable times while moving.
  • Alerts when consumer-arranged speed limit is surpass.
  • Retains monitoring mail messages if beyond protection, and directs when back in insurance.
  • Keeps and studies final good fix when it loses Gps device coverage.
  • Remote confirming of cellphone battery pack and signal reputation.
  • Lengthy playback method knobs mobile phone don and doff to save battery life.
  • Watchdog timer stops unit lockup.
  • Firmware is user-personalized which has a $35.91 programmer and free applicaion.
  • In addition to being a Navigation system, the firmware is easily revised to watch and management sets from a climate place to some vending equipment by means of text messaging. You should get in touch for custom advancement.

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